Robotics for Elementary Students (4th - 6th)


Summer Institute of Robotics (SIR) for Elementary Students is a 2 week 7hrs/day summer program in which students learn team work, research, programming and building skills through the use of robotics. Students are trained on the fields of programming and construction of robots to accomplish different tasks, these robots are based on the VEX IQ platform, this is a great system for youngsters to learn basic robotic concepts and even with little knowledge young kids can intuitively use the simple programming commands and build procedures. At the culmination of the program a small competition is held for the students to prove their new skills and knowledge on robotics.  After completing the SIR program students can continue learning with our STEM Academy.

Topics Covered

  • Pre-Mechanical Engineering
  • Pre-Electrical Engineering
  • Basics concepts of Physics and Math
  • Team Work
  • Programming Concepts
  • Building Concepts
  • Basic Research

Program Cost: $275 USD

You can apply for this program from February  to AugustClick here to fill the application.

​VEX IQ STEM Academy for Elementary (4th - 6th)

STEM Academy for Elementary is a 12 day Saturday program beginning on August and ending on November. Students receive training for 3 hours a day and work with the VEX IQ platform with the goal of competing at the official Technology Challenges that are celebrated each year here in Puerto Rico. Teams who rank highest on these competitions will have the opportunity to compete at the Latinamerican Championship.

Topics Covered

  • Team Work
  • Programming concepts
  • Building concepts

Program Cost: $250 USD

You can apply for this program from February  to MayClick here to fill the application.